Our Work

Our Work

The Hut has worked with young people since 1987, providing effective youth work practice.  This is achieved through a wide range of activities, planning, personal and social development. 

Young people attend The Hut because they know they are in a place that promotes relationship building in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

Our aim is to “Do what’s possible and Try what’s not” through inspiring them to reach their potential while becoming better active citizens. 

Hopefully, you are now wondering how we will achieve this. 

Opening when young people want the building available to them, so late-night provision around weekends is a must for them.

Creating opportunities that they plan not just within their own communities but the wider world

  • Support their transition for young people to adulthood.
  • Support then to improve their Health & Wellbeing.
  • Support them with Education and Work.
  • Support them in making a positive contribution to communities.