Youth Project – West of Glasgow

The Hut formerly Temple Shafton Youth Project (TSYP)

Temple Shafton Youth Project (TSYP) is a local youth project that firmly places young people at the helm to lead all the youth programmes and projects which run throughout the year.

Responding to demands to be open when and where young people need us, our open-door policy means young people can come to the drop-in on any of the 6 nights we are open. Importantly this includes Saturday and Sunday evenings when most other provision locks its doors. Young people drop-in to do their homework, use our IT equipment or just to keep warm, safe, meet friends and chat with youth workers. In the background, our youth workers are trained to observe signals of risks and to take an active interest in the day to day details that young people are ready to share. Why is that young person not smiling? Why are they not wearing a jacket? Why were they not here this week? These small observations lead to an environment where workers assist young people with family problems, financial hardship, relationships and difficulties at school.